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15 years of NPS leadership and we are just getting started.

OCX Cognition™ delivers Generative Customer Analytics on its one-of-a-kind Customer AI platform. Customer AI represents the future of NPS®, Customer Experience Management and Customer Success Analytics. 

Global because our customers are.

“OCX Cognition was instrumental in building a sound program foundation for our program and has led us to the future of NPS. Having a thought partner to challenge our assumptions has resulted in transformative improvements.”



Richard Owen

As CEO, Richard's singular professional focus: Delivering financial value through CX. He co-founded OCX Cognition to combine technology and programmatic consulting in pursuit of that goal, and now leads the company’s coordinated efforts to deliver the right solutions for its clients.

Richard’s 30-year career has centered on transforming business operations with technology, and he is one of the best-known CX thought leaders. While CEO at Satmetrix, his team led the development of the Net Promoter Score® methodology with Fred Reichheld, creating the world’s most widely used CX measurement approach. With Laura Brooks, he co-authored Answering the Ultimate Question, the best-selling “how to” guide for NPS practitioners.

Richard transformed the supply chain and built what was then the world’s largest e-commerce business at Dell, and has led two software companies, AvantGo and Satmetrix, to successful exits. With an MBA from MIT Sloan Management School, he has served on several boards and committees at public and private companies and is an active venture investor and international business thinker. Richard has lived on three continents; he and his family now divide their time between Arizona and London.


Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins begins and ends his days making sure that OCX Cognition is walking the walk by delivering excellent customer experiences to its own clients. Having co-founded OCX Cognition, Jonathan now leads the company’s commercial activities and coordinates closely with clients and prospective clients to craft solutions that meet their often complex needs. Each engagement has the primary purpose of driving financial outcomes and segment-leading growth for OCX Cognition clients.

A software veteran of 25 years, Jonathan has held leadership positions in major software companies, such as Aspect Software and NICE Systems. Prior to co-founding OCX Cognition, Jonathan was part of the executive leadership of Satmetrix, leading global revenue generating functions including sales, account management, customer success and renewals. His work concluded with the sale of the company to NICE Systems in 2017.

Jonathan’s personal CX mission: Give leadership teams access to data that predicts the health of their customer relationships, forecasts customer lifetime value, and optimizes company operations so that clients, employees and shareholders get maximum value from their relationship. He lives in London and has a soft spot for global travel.


Marcia Hogan

Marcia Hogan tailors CX programs to individual client needs while keeping NPS best practice front and center. These days, that means helping clients shift from traditional CX thinking to a value chain approach that uses multiple data points and AI models to maximize financial outcomes.

With 30 years of strategic advisory experience under her belt, Marcia has driven success for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies in a range of industries, drawing on experience with market research, continuous process improvement initiatives and customer advocacy programs. She honed her skills at market-leading companies including Satmetrix, McGraw Hill, and Dun & Bradstreet, and is skilled at sharing her highly regarded expertise through conference presentations, webinars, workshops, NPS Masterclass content development and NPS certification instruction.

Marcia holds an M.B.A. in Marketing and Finance from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a B.A. in Psychology from Marquette University. Find this proud life-long Chicagoan enjoying America’s Second City.


James Young

James Young links innovation and practicality to help companies simultaneously improve customer experience and financial performance. He works with clients to create breakthrough decisioning frameworks driven by the customer journey, giving teams useful guidance for collaborating across functions to drive real customer outcomes. James draws on his 20 years in the field to establish the right data and insights, technology, transformation processes, and training.

James has worked with brands known for customer experience excellence, such as Samsung Electronics, Virgin Group, and Toyota, helping them innovate to stay ahead. On the other hand, he has also spearheaded insight-led change programs for companies seeking CX performance turnarounds, in industries including telco, technology, automotive, utilities, and energy.

James holds an MBA in International Marketing and a BSC (Honours) in Agricultural Economics. He directed customer experience at KPMG as well lead consulting for Satmetrix EMEA, where he was part of the team that launched NPS. Having lived in London, Frankfurt and New York, he now enjoys the country life with his family in West Sussex, UK.


John Gilbert

John Gilbert serves up insights and plans that move the CX needle by combining analytical expertise with skilled communication strategies. His talent for linking the voice of the customer to business returns and strategic decision making has driven CX success for global organizations including Best Buy, AT&T, and British Telecom.

John’s 25 years of experience with consulting work and in leadership roles for B2B companies, such as United Parcel Service and Motorola, have shaped his skill in action planning and CX education. He has facilitated executive planning workshops for clients across the globe and led many courses instructing students in Net Promoter® best practices and in how to link financial results to NPS improvements.

John holds an M.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Social Science Education and is a Certified Customer eXperience Professional (CCXP). Based in London, John travels extensively and has lived in Spain for more than a year to improve his Spanish and master Spanish cooking.


Claire Sporton

Throughout her career, Claire has focused on driving customer-led growth by inspiring change and ensuring a tangible link to measurable business improvement.

Throughout her career, Claire has focused on driving customer-led growth by inspiring change and ensuring a tangible link to measurable business improvement.

A regular speaker at conferences globally, Claire has become well known for her pragmatic and engaging twist on experience management. In recent years, Claire has turned her focus to innovation in CX and BI, using technology, AI and behavioral economics to drive ownership and management of risk out to the people who can make a difference.


Brian Curry

Customer experience forms a through-line in Brian Curry’s career as a researcher, educator, software executive, and entrepreneur. He has built and led the teams that created web and cloud solutions for customer experience, collaboration, and security.

In recent years, Brian has turned his attention to designing and building innovative machine learning products and services for understanding and managing customer experience. This focus is reflected in his work with OCX Cognition, where he is instrumental in shaping the company’s offerings.

Brian was chief operating officer at Satmetrix (acquired by NICE Systems), where he was the primary architect of products delivering innovative CX solutions for hundreds of companies around the globe. Before that, he held executive roles at YouSendIt (acquired by OpenText), Yahoo!, AOL, and Netscape. Before that, Brian taught design and technology as a Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Brian lives in Burlingame in the heart of Silicon Valley with his family. When he’s not busy designing machine learning solutions, Brian is an ultramarathon runner.


Maurice FitzGerald

Maurice FitzGerald came out of retirement to bring you the Insights offering from OCX Cognition, bringing to bear more than 40 years of experience in business and customer experience strategy.

Maurice retired – for a time, at least – as VP of customer experience for HP’s software division. He also held roles at Compaq, DEC and Wrangler Jeans. He’s no stranger to sharing his expertise; Maurice is the lead author of several books on CX strategy.

Maurice identifies the essence of customer experience strategy as selecting and implementing a just a few things that make you different or better from your competitors. Based in Switzerland, Maurice enjoys a view of Mont Blanc from his office window.


Chris Gopal

Chris Gopal helps OCX Cognition customers find solutions to customer experience challenges, drawing on his deep expertise on the integrated supply chain and finance. His 35 years of experience include executive positions at Overland Storage, Dell, Ernst & Young, Unisys and SAIC. He consults to companies in a range of industries, from start-ups to global enterprises.

Chris also guides government agencies by representing the private sector perspective. He is a member of the Defense Business Board, advising on best business practices that could benefit the Department of Defense, and on the advisory board of a think tank focused on industrial competitiveness. Previously, he served on a White House subcommittee on manufacturing practices.

Chris earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California and his MBA at Cranfield School of Management, UK. He has co-authored three books on supply chain and operations and is a sought after speaker. He lives in the seaside city of La Jolla in California.


Andy Lark

Andy Lark is a globally recognized marketer, business leader and bestselling author. Drawing on his passion for driving highly predictive CX outcomes, he advises OCX Cognition and its customers, helping guide the creation of products, services and brands loved by customers.

Andy’s CX experience spans nearly every industry sector as a consultant and advisor, and he has held C-level roles at Xero, Commonwealth Bank, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Nortel and more. He has built one of the most successful SaaS startups into a global software powerhouse, raised and realized billions across multiple startups, launched apps used by millions every day, led the transformation of Australia's most vibrant financial services brand, and led one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world.

Most recently he was the chief business officer for global accounting software company Xero, named by Forbes as the world's most innovative company. He is a non-executive director of Mercury Energy. Today he leads Group Lark, a global consultancy driving brand and digital transformations for the world's leading countries and enterprises. Andy is based in Sydney.


Phil Cullen

Phil Cullen is one of the multifaceted minds behind the innovative machine learning work at OCX Cognition. Drawing on his experience as a CX and business leader, Phil helps guide the strategy for the architecture and algorithms so that they are fine-tuned to deliver insights that drive financial outcomes.

Phil is SVP for Data Science and Decision Science at Aptology. His career includes a stint at Accenture and a key role as a VP for R&D at PeopleSoft during its hypergrowth years. He had an executive leadership role at OnDisplay, one of the top 10 IPOs of 1999, and was VP of global analytics at FICO (known for the credit score the same name). Phil has also led and consulted on CX initiatives at Calypso Technology, Cisco, and Rimini Street.

An inventor on two patents and a driver of the patent strategy for OCX Cognition, Phil double majored in data science and management science at the University of San Diego. He’s based in Marin County, just to the north of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Our Stand-Out Approach

In our quest to transform your CX work, we hold ourselves to high standards. We are:


We hold ourselves accountable for exceptional results; we don’t work with companies unless we’re certain we can make a meaningful difference to your business.


We are forthright in our communication, challenging ourselves and our customers’ thinking with honesty and respect.


We transform businesses through combining pioneering data analytics with our experience and creativity.


We seek customers and team members who share our commitment and passion.


We constantly innovate to achieve sustainable growth.