Predict customer futures.

AI that turns operational data into predictive CX analytics.


We deliver real-time predictions of how operations impact every customer, every day.


We unify  your data on operations, attitudes, and  performance. Our data-driven customer journey model provides the structure for collecting and calibrating data on every aspect of your business.


We transform data using AI, surfacing predictions that  matter for customer performance.​ Signal separates from noise.​ A single score calibrates ongoing performance across the data-driven customer journey.


We engage your customer-facing teams for agile, collaborative action. Inherent links between insights and business operations mean customer facing teams – and leadership – can act fast.​


Let us set your business up for an unfair advantage in CX.

We transformed business

Our team co-created NPS. We literally wrote the book on the CX methodology adopted by more than 6,000 companies. Now, a new breakthrough.

We solved a data challenge 

In our 15 years looking at data patterns in customer experience, we figured out how to organize sparse, inconsistent data to reveal insights.

We built a  head start 

Our software is constructed to speed time to value, using expertise-driven industry frameworks and data organization strategies.

Work ahead of the curve.

See the future, save the day with OCX Cognition software.

Let’s talk about customer futures.