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Reduce Churn and Drive Growth with Customer AI

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Proprietary software with AI at its core.

Customer AI from OCX Cognition represents a new category of enterprise customer analytics software comprised of configurable, next-generation services, like Generative Customer Experience Analytics, Generative AI, and Automated Machine Learning.

Modern technology, constant insight.

Built on the latest technologies like elastic compute, storage-on-demand and advanced machine learning, Customer AI delivers a continuous, unified view of customer analytics that unlocks productivity for teams throughout your business.

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Customer AI

Generative CX Analytics

Customer AI continuously generates customer analytics like NPS® and CSAT for 100% of your customers whether they respond to feedback surveys or not.

Data-Driven Customer Health

Don’t settle for human assessment alone. Customer AI, generates data-driven scorecards for every customer and segment, that weighs the relative impact of underlying metrics you already track.



Operational Driver Analytics

Because it generates analytics from operational data you already collect, Customer AI connects every score to the underlying metrics that are driving  them.


Generative AI Data Stories

The OCX Cognition platform includes Generative AI services that transform customer analytics into user-friendly narratives that reduce the difficulty of decoding complex analytics.



Propensity to Renew

Customer AI software provides Propensity to Renew analytics that uncover risks and opportunities in the business that you might not otherwise see.


Net Recurring Revenue

Move beyond complete reliance on the perspectives of your team. Customer AI can help with predictive NRR analytics  for your customers, segments and businesses.



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