Leading a CX Program in Extreme Circumstances

Leading a CX Program in
Extreme Circumstances

Learn to manage your program today while preparing for the post-pandemic “new normal.”

In these unprecedented times, how should a visionary CX program adapt? Join Richard Owen of OCX Cognition for a no-nonsense guide to navigating CX leadership in extreme circumstances. Drawing on more than 15 years of expertise in the field and years of focused research on effective strategy, Richard will share guiding principles and practical tactics for using upheaval and uncertainly to advance your company’s focus on customer experience.

The right choices today are highly unlikely to be the right choices tomorrow. Success depends on recognizing the transitions and their timing.

Key topics

  • Frameworks for organizing your CX strategy will give you the flexibility to adapt as circumstances change
  • Thinking of your strategy as evolving through three phases provides a structure to hang actions on
  • There are important short term choices to be made, but success depends upon acting with a long term perspective in mind


Onward, upward

There is little doubting the challenge of leading through such volatile circumstances, but successful CX programs can strike the right balance of immediate and future needs, strategic goals and practical execution.



A no-nonsense take.

Listen to  guiding principles and practical tactics for using uncertainly to advance your company’s focus on CX.


How should your visionary CX program adapt?

Ask Richard Owen, Jonathan Hawkins and the rest of our OCX Cognition team how you can continue to navigate your CX leadership in extreme circumstances.


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