What you don't know about your customers can kill your business.

Get clarity with Spectrum AI.

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Get a technology assist for your toughest journey.

For too long, getting a truly complete set of CX insights has been out of reach. But times change; upgrade. Backed by rigorous data science research, Spectrum AI delivers the only approach to NPS predictive analytics built by the team that co-created NPS.


For smarter decisions, start with smarter insights.

Spectrum AI is an innovative technology that delivers a 20x improvement in CX data and analytics. Don’t let complexity get in the way of clarity. Reveal the whole picture.


Innovation isn’t inevitable. We’ve done the work.

Rigorous effort, focused expertise, and fresh thinking. There’s analytics, and then there’s CX analytics. Our data scientists are also CX experts, and they know what you need to become a CX analytics powerhouse. So they built it.