What Is the New NPS Manifesto?

What Is the New NPS Manifesto?

Two years of research built on 15 years of CX leadership

As you may know, our founder Richard Owen and his team at Satmetrix co-invented NPS with our friends at Bain. Starting in 2018, our new team looked back on the results of the more than 1000 NPS and CX implementations we have been involved in, together with the 6,000+ companies that have adopted the NPS certification and training program. To say the very least, the results are eye opening.

Based on our research…

At least 95% of corporate customer experience initiatives fail to make a meaningful difference, in terms of growth or financial results!

We found this figure unacceptable and took it as a challenge for us to create new solutions, so we traced failure rates to three root causes:

  • Customer experience strategy is usually developed and implemented in isolation from the rest of corporate strategy.
  • The traditional approach to CX research has only about 5% of the data and insights needed to make a difference.
  • Corporate leadership struggles to engage the complete organization in customer-centric improvements.


These three root causes can be fixed. CX can be fixed.

We call the solution NPS Outcome Engineering. We hope you will agree, it’s a better way to deliver results through CX transformation.


This is the future of NPS!



OCX Cognition delivers the future of NPS. We ensure customer experience success by combining technology and data science with programmatic consulting. In our Insights section, we present a comprehensive and evolving collection of resources based on our research and expertise, collected for CX leaders committed to delivering business outcomes.