Predict customer experiences in time to act.

OCX Cognition software uses AI to combine operational and attitudinal data for breakthrough insights.

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Solve your most critical challenges.

Reduce customer risk

Get a predictive, continuous view of every customer, every day. Insights keep pace with your business.

Break down silos 

Give customer-facing teams a view of their impact that’s aligned, cross-functional, and directly actionable.

Integrate operations 

Change your outcomes by acting fast on relevant insights. Attribute impact to the customer journey.

Know where you stand with
every customer, every day.

Real-time predictive CX analytics continuously monitor the health of every customer across their entire journey.

Align every team and function to customer expectations

A unified view of the customer gets teams on the same page. They share a complete, customer-centered perspective on performance.

Alert team members to what matters, when it counts

Our machine learning engine separates signal from noise, then immediately pushes only relevant insights to team members.

Work ahead of the curve.

See the future, save the day with OCX Cognition software.

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