Predictive CX analytics

AI that turns operational data into continuous, predictive CX analytics.

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OCX Cognition closes the most critical insight gap  business leaders face. 


A platform that delivers on the promise of CX.

Understand every account

Get a daily score for every account, plus diagnostic metrics that show you what’s wrong and how to fix it. Never miss a thing.

Get predictive insights

For customer retention, delays can be fatal. Continuous, predictive scores give you time: Fix problems before it’s too late, or jump on growth opportunities.​

Link operations to CX

Show customer facing teams exactly which metrics matter to customers, and even what performance levels lead to better outcomes.​

Complete insights:​
Leave nothing to chance​

Our software predicts customer behavior for every account, so you get insight into future revenue risk and current growth opportunities. No survey response? No problem. Every account is covered.​

Connected to operations:
See the solution

Our predictive customer scores connect directly to your operations. Diagnose the problem and prescribe the solution, all in one step. One journey, one customer-calibrated view. ​

Continuously updated:​
Metrics when they matter​​

Best of all, our predictions update continuously, so you have time to act before it’s too late. We immediately alert customer facing teams, but only about changes in customer status that really matter.

Work ahead of the curve.