The Complete Guide to NPS Basics and Beyond

The Complete Guide to
NPS Basics and Beyond

Use these demonstrated best practices to build the right NPS foundation.

Need to get started understanding NPS? Wondering if you’ve got all the details right in your existing program? Hoping to settle a bet on the right way to handle an element of your NPS program? We’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive guide addresses the questions we’re frequently asked by clients and by students of our industry-leading Net Promoter Masterclass. From how to set up your survey scales, to how to ensure your program has the right governance structure, to our best advice for driving action, it’s all in there. 

The report features:

  • Nine key areas that will help you drive NPS results
  • Guidance on preparing for a transformative approach to NPS
  • Detailed advice on mastering best practices, then going beyond them

Widely adopted, globally recognized, and time-tested, Net Promoter Score (NPS) holds pride of place when it comes to the measurement of customer experience performance. But how do you do it right?

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It’s critical to get NPS basics right, but keep in mind the demonstrated best practices here are necessary but not sufficient for the kind of modern, AI-driven NPS program that delivers irrefutable business outcomes. To reach that goal, you’ll need a sophisticated, comprehensive strategy for synthesizing your customer and company data into always-evolving Net Promoter Scores for literally every customer. To get there, download our guide, take our comprehensive training course, or read about the future of NPS.


The Complete Guide to NPS Basics and Beyond



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