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Customer Health

The health of your customers depends on a diffuse set of variables and experiences. Customer AI generates data-driven Health Scores that weigh the relative impact of underlying experiences and operational metrics you collect in systems throughout your business today.

While many businesses continue to deploy high-touch teams that manage customer success, the Customer Health Score is an equation better suited to data-driven systems. It’s better to arm teams with insight to power decision making than to ask them to overcome human bias and generate them. 

“when people believe a conclusion is true, they are also very likely to believe arguments that appear to support it, even when these arguments are unsound.”

Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow

Using OCX Cognition for Customer Health at Omnicell

“. . . In the past, our Customer Success team weighted operational KPIs based on a “healthy customer” formula of their own creation for our top 300 accounts. Today, using Customer AI from, we can see a data-driven health scores for over 10,000 accounts and the KPIs that are driving them.  . . .”

Brenda Barry 

Vice President CX Strategy, Omnicell