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CX and VOC

Programs that rely solely on survey sample data have already proven inadequate for today’s data-driven operating environment.

Customer AI represents a new platform for forward- looking Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of the Customer (VOC) leaders, featuring experience analytics that are complete, continuous and connected to both operational and financial metrics.

Complete & Continuous Data

It’s typical for surveys to generate 5-10% response rates once  or twice per year, creating tiny data sets that usually under sample negative attitudes dramatically. Customer AI fills in the gaps left by unanswered surveys with highly accurate Generative CX Analytics that are updated continuously as customer attitudes evolve.

Here’s an example of one customer’s results.


NPS® Coverage Using Surveys


Customer AI NPS® Coverage


Customer AI Accuracy


Data & Analytics

Time to insight is the primary metric for Analytics teams today. To deliver value quickly and continuously, these teams need more than another toolkit that places the burdens of development, maintenance and support on their shoulders.

The OCX Customer AI platform provides a highly configurable, enterprise software solution that Analytics teams can rely on to deliver insight in days, and  trust over the long term.


Customer Success

Customer Success teams are routinely asked to provide an authoritative perspective on overall Customer Health, often with inadequate data at hand. Today, these teams are seeing their mandate broaden, as they’re asked to drive growth through retention and expansion.

Customer AI provides the missing system of  insight for Customer Success programs today as they manage the transition from cost-center to growth engine.


Sales & Revenue Ops

Sales and Revenue Operations serve as a lynch-pin for business growth. These teams rely on the best data possible to do their jobs well. Customer AI brings provides them with new, comprehensive customer insights that were previously unavailable.

Whether identifying which upcoming renewals are at-risk vs. poised to expand, or building better Ideal Customer Profiles that power better targeting for acquisition, Customer AI unlocks new possibilities for Revenue Operations.

Sales Success, Data-Driven Insights, and Ideal Customers

Listen to our CX Iconoclast Podcast. In this episode, Bill Binch and I discuss how collaboration between sales and other departments like marketing, customer experience, or customer success rests on a shared set of metrics.

Richard Owen

Co-Founder, OCX Cognition


Executive Leadership

Executive teams know that business outcomes are dependent upon customer experiences and attitudes. To make optimal decisions, they need to continuously track these experiences and understand how operations are impacting them.

Customer AI connects systems throughout the business to unify fragmented metrics and build a comprehensive set of customer analytics that let leadership teams anticipate customer behavior and avoid surprises.

Hunter Douglas Executives Leverage Customer AI for Growth

“. . . Customer AI allowed the Hunter Douglas executive team to uniquely combine data throughout the dealer journey with historical growth data to find dealerships that have the highest propensity for growth. With these insights in hand our leaders were able to significantly change the ways we deploy resources to focus   to grow revenues. our traditional segments  . . .”

Jamie Ziegler

VP Enterprise CX Strategy, Hunter Douglas


Customer Marketing & Communications

Businesses increasingly ask Marketing & Communications teams to extend their mission beyond acquisition to drive customer retention and expansion.

Customer AI brings provides these teams with an unprecedented set of insights upon which they can segment, target, and personalize campaigns and communications.