Customer AI Software


Customer AI Architecture

Customer AI from OCX Cognition is a secure, enteprise-grade software solution built specifically for continuous customer analytics. Our platform includes frameworks and services and operations that get you from data to insight quickly on an architecture you can count on.

Program Frameworks

We’ve taken Customer Experience expertise developed over decades and built it into the OCX Cognition Customer AI platform with proven Program Frameworks that will accelerate any Customer AI program.

Automated AI/ML

Our innovative AutoML platform can be configured specifically for your business, making Generative Customer Analytics, Generative AI Data Stories and Predictive Revenue Analytics available to you in days.

Secure Data Warehouse

We’ll host your Generative Customer Analytics in a secure Cloud Data Warehouse and provide access through easy-to-use Mobile or Web Dashboards, APIs or Secure Data Transfer.


Recognized By Amazon Web Services for Innovation

OCX Cognition was selected as a an AWS Case Study and Featured Speaker for its AWS Innovate Conference. Our Generative Analytics software was cited as an innovation in AI Applications by the AWS Team for creating highly configurable AI-a-a-Service software that speeds time to value.



Data Integration

We work with customers in virtually every state of data readiness. Whether you’re starting out with fragmented data dispersed across systems or with all your data consolidated in a cloud data warehouse, we’ll make integrating your data with Customer AI simpler than you think.


How It Works


Measuring Experiences

Business outcomes are driven by customer experiences and behaviors. Customer AI creates analytics that measure your business as your customers perceive it –a customer journey comprised of experiences.

Inputing Operational Data

Customer’s  form discreet impressions about different stages of the experience. These stages align with functions and systems within your operations. Customer AI uses data from these systems as input.

Generative Analytics

Using input from various systems, Customer AI learns how customer attitudes correlate to operational data patterns. Once trained, the system continuously generates customer analytics for all components of the journey.

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Secure Data Warehouse

The Customer AI system continuously updates your customer analytics as operational data accumulates, and automatically loads newly generated analytics  into a secure and scalable cloud data warehouse hosted for you. Your data can be accessed at any time through customizable end-user dashboards or via secure data transfer to systems of your choice .


Web & Mobile Apps

The business impact of Customer AI is at its highest when insights are distributed to end users to directly help them do their jobs.

OCX Cognition makes it easy for Customer AI teams to continuously distribute personalized feeds, and data stories in easy-to-use web and mobile applications.


APIs & Integration

Sometimes the most effective approach to Customer AI is to integrate generative analytics into the workflows and applications your teams are already using today. The OCX Cognition platform includes a robust set of APIs, and sharing options that let you integrate Customer AI in the manner that best suits your business needs.