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Generative CX Analytics

Generate predictive analytics for 100% of your customers everyday –whether they answer your surveys or not. Get NPS® and CSAT on all parts of the experience, continually throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Power of Data-Driven Strategy

Listen to our CX Iconoclast Podcast. In This episode we discuss a range of topics including the power of data-driven strategy and advances in machine learning on CX with Erik  Brynjolfsson Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, and Author of Machine Platform Crowd.

Erik Brynjolfsson

Stanford Digital Economy Lab


Customer Health

The health of your customers depends on a diffuse set of variables and experiences. Customer AI generates data-driven Health Scores that weigh the relative impact of underlying experiences and operational metrics you collect in systems throughout your business today.

Using OCX Cognition for Customer Health at Omnicell

“. . . In the past, our Customer Success team weighted operational KPIs based on a “healthy customer” formula of their own creation for our top 300 accounts. Today, using Customer AI from, we can see a data-driven health scores for over 10,000 accounts and the KPIs that are driving them.  . . .”

Brenda Barry 

Vice President CX Strategy, Omnicell


Driver Analytics

Because Customer AI generates analytics from the data collected throughout the customer experience, all scores are automatically attributable to the underlying  operational metrics that are driving them.

Drivers of Overall NPS

Start by examining the relative impact each stage in the customer experience has upon overall attitudes.



CSAT Drivers at Each Stage

Next, break down each stage of the customer experience into parts, and measure the relative impact of each part on attitudes about that stage.


Operational Metrics

Finally, examine the relative impact of each operational metric on each part, of each stage to and target the metrics that impact your customers the most.



Generative AI Stories

Faster time to insight is critical to driving adoption and engagement for any customer analytics program. The OCX Cognition platform includes Generative AI services that transform customer analytics into user-friendly narratives that reduce the difficulty of decoding complex analytics.


Propensity to Renew 

For business that rely on re-purchase or renewal, Customer AI provides Propensity to Renew analytics that uncover risks and opportunities in the business that you might not otherwise see.

Using Data to Improve Net Retention at Conga

“. . . by leveraging Customer AI for our program, we gain deep insights into our customers’ behaviors, preferences, and sentiments. . . Here at Conga, we embrace metrics like Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Propensity to Renew, Now we can refresh these metrics each week and connect them directly with underlying operational KPIs . . .”

Chris Bishop

Chief Customer Officer, Conga


Net Recurring Revenue

Businesses that measure Net Recurring Revenue (NRR) depend on forecasts that often rely solely on the perspectives from their teams. Customer AI can help with predictive NRR analytics  for your customers, segments and businesses.


Prescriptive Analytics

Sometimes you want to go beyond the analytics to take action.
Customer AI now features prescriptive analytics that interpret your data to generate recommendations or events.


Next Best Action

Use Generative AI to interpret customer analytics and generate easy-to-read next best action narratives or playbooks for success teams.


Next Best Offer

Segment customers by experiences and attitudes to target expansion opportunities and analyze the best performing offers to make.

Use APIs to Trigger Events

Target events using data conditions or customer segments that generate automated actions on marketing or success platforms.